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Upland Strong

Specific Positive Feedback at UHS

Using specific positive feedback is a proven method for increasing frequency of positive behaviors. Specific positive feedback is essentially as simple as telling people exactly what they do that you appreciate! Use this guide for some examples of how to use it!

Name(s) + Gratitude + Action
"Marc + thank you for + putting away your Chromebook and plugging it in.”
"Table 5,  + I appreciate you all + coming into class quietly and getting out your books.”
"Kelly, + thanks a lot for +

running those forms up to the office for me.”

"Maria and Destiny, + nice job on + having no missing or late assignments this week.”
"Ms. Stevens, + thank you so much + for getting back to me so quickly about your student’s grade.”
"Alex + you really helped me out by +

collecting all those papers for me at the end of class.”

Identifying the specific things we appreciate that people do is a great way to promote feelings of inclusion and appreciation, and a respectful, welcoming school culture. Remember our school-wide expectations: Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity, and be sure to let others know they’ve been a part of promoting that culture!

Upland Strong Overview

First page of the PDF file: PBISNewsletter

Quick Links

School Mint Login Instructions

How to Create a School Mint Account

To create to a new account, please all new students creating an account, use your SCHOOL email and password for authentication.

Afterward, you will be directed with a pop-up. For your Student ID, please use your 10-digit Student ID, not your 6-digit lunch number as it will not bring up your student profile. For example, 1000020000 not 10020.

Additionally, for your last name please capitalize your last name. For example: Chavez 

May 25, 2023 - Cookie and Popcorn Distribution

Cookie and popcorn distribution for SchoolMint Hero Points. The Hero app must be already be downloaded and chromebooks will not be provided. 

Where: UHS Quad during Lunch 

We are so excited to see everyone there!

PBIS Staff Team Members:

Jamie Jennings, Laura McMullen, Betty Placencia, Christine Ventrella, Bobbie Giovanetti, Erich Finkle, Jessica Ahumada, Kimberly Guicharnaud, Trevor Foglesong, Kimberly Spears, Jillian Salber, Alma Afu

PBIS Student Team Members

Angela Liu, David Walker, Jessica Zapata, Srinivas Gollapudi

External Reviewer:

Andres Soloranzo

The reviewing team will be visiting classrooms utilizing the Classroom Walkthrough Tool. The items highlighted in yellow must be evident in all classrooms in order for us to score a 2 in that section of the TFI. This is not an evaluation for any teacher. They will be visiting 10% of the rooms on campus and it will be random.

Classroom Walkthrough Tool

The TFI team will also be conducting interviews with classified and certificated staff and students and will be asking the following questions:

Staff Questions:

  • What are the 3 School Wide Behavior Expectations? (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity)
  • Have you taught the behavior expectations this year? (If you haven't done so, please be sure to do so before the 25th! You don't have to be a teacher to "teach" expectations. All of us should be discussing this with kids.)
  • Have you given any rewards for appropriate behavior in the last 2 months? (Please be giving out SchoolMint “Hero Points”)

Student Questions:

  • What are the 3 School Wide Behavior Expectations? (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity)
  • Have you received a Hero Point in SchoolMint in the last 2 months? (Hopefully yes!)

Click below for a copy of the TFI in its entirety if you would like to see everything the team will be looking for. Thank you for your support!