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Club List 2022-23

Name Description Advisor / Email GC Remind
Aspiring Samaritans The purpose of our club is to create a welcoming environment in which we can work on giving back to our community. We want to foster new bonds with our community through assistance and empathy, and leave the world a better place. Mr. Hauk gv2sz26  
Black Student Union Student Fellowship TBD ep3did2  
Book Club Academic/Student Fellowship Mr. Foglesong 3my4cr7 uhsbkclb
California Scholarship Foundation CSF focuses on community service and academic excellence. Members who meet the requirements will walk in front of their graduating class during their graduation ceremony. Mr. Alzamora    
Capstone This club is to support the people of AP capstone program which sometimes require extra time or resource leading upto the factor of creating the club. With the resources that the club is able to get from our own efforts, we would strengthen the foundations of our own research through having a better connection with the community. We will be doing a own extensive research by ourselves through either AP seminar or AP research classes. Mr. Chiang    
Crochet Club The purpose of this club is to introduce an interesting new hobby to eager learners. Crochet has become rather popular recently and we figured we should create a club that we know many people will enjoy. Crochet is a fun hobby that is stress relieving and lets your creative juices flow. Ms. Galan mwknjrq  
Dance Club Student Fellowship (Dance) Ms. Tahajian sqrfzua  
DnD Club To play DND Ms. Edmunson byaykba  
FBLA (Future Business Leaders) Teach resumes and provide services and support local businesses Ms. Gillespie czvomij uhsgar
Finding Faith Spread knowledge about Jesus and the Christian Religion Ms. Salazar eqkbjnd  
G.R.O. Community Service (Gardening) Ms. Furnari    
Global Aid Community Service Ms. Kinsey   globalaid
Guitar Club Student Fellowship (Music) Mr. Adams    
Hack Club Academic/Career Interest (Coding) Mr. Duong    
History Day Club To inform people who want to do history day about information regarding history day. This is for people who aren't in classes that require history day because they won't be able to get that information simply because they aren't in that class. This is also to help kids that need help on history day. The goal is basically to help people that are doing History Day this year to get the help they need in order to advance their projects to the state and national levels. It is also to make sure that the people that want to do history day that aren't in those classes to make sure they get the information needed to compete in history day. Mr. Hauk being the history day manager him being our advisor will help projects go further in the history day competition. Mr. Hauk gv2sz26  
HOSA Career Interests (Healthcare) Ms. Garcia l3uea4i  
Key Club Community Service Mr. Chiang iry5nsk

A-L: @uplandkc22


M-Z: @uhskc2022

Kind Quest Community Service Mr. Ingles 7rndrbi  
Latinx Student Association Student Fellowship TBD mwknjrq  
Literay Magazine The purpose of this club is to encourage and stimulate the creativity and imagination of the Upland high school student body. In this club, we will host monthly art and poetry contests, with new and unique prompts every month so as to inspire originality. We also hope to provide Upland High students with more opportunities to show off their innovative work, and to give them a place where they can be passionate about whatever they love. We would encourage every student to submit to the magazine, and we hope that by the end of the year, it would be possible for us to put together a physical highlight of the 2022 to 2023 school year, similar to a yearbook but dedicated to the beauty of art and literature. Mr. Villanueva    
Minecraft Club Fellowship

Mr. Miramontes

Mock Trial Academic/Career Interest Ms. Dragna mmr67ut  
Model U.N. Academic Ms. McAdams eem3sys  
NHS service and scholarship (tutoring etc ) Ms. Dababneh    
Operation Smile Club community service/outreach (cleft palette) TBD    
Pacific Islanders Club to educate students about the pacific islands and to experience cultural traditions Ms. Jaworski    
Podcast Club The help students connect with each other through podcasts as well as learn to produce and promote a podcast.

Ms. Edmundson

Public Speech and Debate To compete in debate tournaments against other schools while teaching members current events, argumentation, and public speaking. Mr. Mcgee    
Robotics Club Academic/Career Interest Ms. Sharma ycqtnlq  
Science Olympiad Science Mr. Cantwell    
Spanish Club An awareness of Spanish language and the Hispanic culture Ms. Ocon    
The Investors Club Learn how to invest & manage money Mr. Robertson    
The Upland Guild is Artistry The purpose of this club is to help Upland High School’s art community grow stronger and support our students and their artistic interests. We try to give students a safe space where they can pursue any expression of art they are interested in such as film, drawing, painting, or experimenting with something new. Mr. Rosette   @artsclub21
UNICEF Club Community Service

Mr. Miramontes

Video To manage and discuss our UTV Broadcast program;discussing things like equipment and funding. Mr. Miura    
Yugioh Club Student Fellowship Mr. Miura    
Zoobot Club Academic Mr. Weatherell    

Students interested in starting a new club will need to fill out and application after getting approval from a staff member to be the advisor.

New Club Application

Please contact the faculty advisor for any questions about a specific club.
The Acitivities Director will be able to answer any questions concerning starting a club or approved actitites within clubs

Greg Lander
Activites Director
Send Email