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Frequent Asked Questions

What is CSF?

The motto for CSF is “scholarship for service.” CSF is an academic and service based club. Membership is determined by the student’s courses, their grades and the types of courses they take. It is NOT simply based on GPA. The calculations can be found in the CSF State ByLaws. Failure to abide by these by-laws could jeopardize our charter, so we must, without question, follow these rules.

How does a student become part of CSF?

In order to become a member of CSF, a student must have a certain number of points, based off of the guidelines in the CSF by-laws. They must NOT have any Ds or Fs. A D or F will mean automatic disqualification from CSF for that semester.

If a student qualifies for CSF, they MUST TURN IN AN APPLICATION during the application period. Dues—which are $5 per semester—are not compulsory, but are appreciated. They go to pay for our school charter and graduation honors for the senior classes. Regardless of whether or not a student pays their dues they MUST turn in an application. We CANNOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS BEYOND THE REGISTRATION PERIOD. Membership is semester to semester, so each semester, if a student qualifies, THEY MUST TURN IN ANOTHER APPLICATION. Again, this is non-negotiable per the CSF By-Laws. If a student does not qualify for CSF one semester, they can still qualify in the future. It is on a semester-by-semester basis.

Why isn’t my child on the qualifying list?

We have a program run the names of the students based on CSF qualifications. If they feel their name has been left off the list in error, they are more than welcome to calculate the points (again, see CSF By-Laws for the calculation requirements). If they find they do qualify for CSF, they can see the advisor to have their name added to the list of students allowed to turn in applications at the Student Store.

What are some of the honors for being in CSF?

Colleges acknowledge a student’s membership in CSF. CSF also offers its members opportunities to participate in community service activities, which are also looked upon highly by colleges and universities.

If a student has been a member of CSF for FOUR semesters, using their grades from sophomore year to senior year, they are considered a “Life Member,” and will receive a gold tassel and a pin upon graduation. If a student has been a member for all SIX semesters, using their grades from sophomore year to senior year, they are considered a 100% member, and have the opportunity to purchase a gold stole to wear at graduation as yet another distinction of the academic success, on top of the tassel and the pin. Freshman grades do not count toward Life or 100% membership, but a freshman, after they earn high school grades, can be part of CSF. Junior high grades do not count toward CSF

Life AND 100% members who have completed at LEAST 20 hours of community service through CSF community service activities have the honor of walking at the front of their graduating class. These hours can begin during their freshman year. TWO HOURS MUST BE DONE DURING THEIR SENIOR YEAR.

How does a student participate in the community service activities?

Community service activities are determined by the officers and must be approved by the advisor. These activities will be announced at meetings and online, on the CSF Section of School loop. A permission slip will be required, and MUST be turned in by the deadline. Late permission slips will not be honored or accepted, and students will not earn hours for that particular event. Once the service has been completed, students will need to turn in their Hours Verification slip to the advisor, which will have been signed by the ADULT supervising the activity. These slips must be turned in to the advisor by the end of the month. Failure to turn them in in a timely manner can jeopardize the hours from being added.

A student may participate in as many CSF volunteer activities as they want, but are not permitted to perform activities on their own and earn CSF hours. CSF credited hours must be for CSF approved activities. This is also non-negotiable.

Students can also earn hours by helping teachers AFTER SCHOOL (not as a Teacher’s Assistant during the school day). The students must get approval by the advisor before they begin earning hours for the staff member. Each month, hours are due.