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In order to prove that your name has been left off the CSF list in error, you must:

  1. Print out your grades from LAST semester (they will be checked against the counselor’s records)
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the calculations, which will determine if you qualify for CSF (it is more than just a specific GPA)
  3. Attach the application to your grade printout and deliver them to Mr. Alzamora in room F147. You will be notified if your calculations are, in fact, correct.

To qualify for CSF you MUST:

  • Not have ANY D’s or F’s
  • Earn a total of at least 10 points in the distribution that follows: -
    • 4 points MUST come from List I
    • the next 3 points MUST come from Lists I or II
    • the last 3 points can come from Lists I, II, or III

PE, Teacher/Library Assistance, or any course taken in PLACE of PE does not count toward CSF calculations.

You can only use FIVE (5) courses (or 25 units) to achieve those 10 points If you have a block schedule course (such as math, where you are in class for two periods at a time) you may count that grade TWICE, but you can only use 4 courses to earn 10 points (still 25 units)

A=3 points
B=1 point
C=0 points
For an Honors or AP course, you may add one extra point (A=4, B=2) but you can only do that for TWO courses. A “C” is still 0 points.