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Parent Student Guide for PE

This guide is designed to acquaint students and parents with the Physical Education program.
Students will receive a copy with a place for a parent signature.

Department Philosophy

Physical Education is a series of courses and activities that educate about the physiological, sociological, and psychological principles inherent in the science of human movement.  The faculty believes Physical Education should be offered in a fitness-based, participatory setting where students learn to understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a physically fit body for the rest of their lives.  The faculty encourages the development of social skills, including sportsmanship and teamwork, through interaction with peers of various backgrounds.  The staff strives to provide a positive environment that allows for the development of a healthy self-esteem.  Students will be evaluated on their participation, improvement, citizenship, skills, fitness, and knowledge of the subject matter taught.

Graduation Requirement

To qualify for the UHS diploma, a student must take and pass (grade D- or higher) 20 credits of physical education.  

Requirements and Rules

As in all classes, rules and expectations for student behavior noted in the Parent – Student Handbook applies in Physical Education classes.  Misconduct, profanity, and failure to follow any staff member’s directions will not be tolerated.

Students must extend proper respect and courtesy to other students and staff members at all times.

Students who damage or deface P.E. equipment, facilities, or other students’ property will be held financially responsible.  They are also subject to suspension, possible arrest, and possible recommendation for expulsions as directed by the Parent – Student handbook.

Required Participation

  • Regular, active daily participation is essential to successful completion of Physical Education classes.
  • A student must be in uniform and actively participate every day.
  • Absences for any reason and activity excuses are not counted as participation days.  Excessive absences or excuses will lower a student’s grade and may result in failure of the class.

Short-Term Excuses for Non-Participation

A student who has a short-term medical condition or injury that precludes or limits his/her participation in Physical Education class activities may arrange to be excused for no more than three class days.

Give the note/excuse slip to the P.E. teacher at the beginning of class.

Depending on the injury or condition, the student may be required to dress in the P.E. uniform or may be given an alternate /written assignment by the teacher.

Long-Term Excuses for Non-Participation

Students who have physical injuries, conditions, or disabilities that cause them to be unable to participate in Physical Education for more than three days must have a written documentation from a physician on his/her letterhead or stationary.  Documentation must be on file in the Health Office from the time the excuse begins.  Documentation must include the length of time the student must be excused, whether temporarily or permanently, and must indicate which activities will be appropriate, if any.

If the student is excused from participating in Physical Education by a doctor, an alternate assignment will be assigned so that the student may receive their daily points. 

When a student who has been exempt from participating in P.E. no longer has current documentation from a physician, he/she will be required to re-enroll in P.E. until he/she has completed the required 20 credits.

Physical Education Dress Requirements

  • The following uniform must be worn by all students in Physical Education classes:
  • Upland P.E. uniform or black shorts and plain gray, black, white, or green athletic t-shirt. 
  • Athletic shoes and socks
  • Sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended (optional) for inclement weather.
  • Swimsuits during swimming lessons. (Cut-offs, sweats, and/or P.E. loaner clothes are not permitted in the pool)

Shorts, shirts, and shoes should be clearly marked with the student’s name.  Uniforms must be taken home and washed weekly.  Students must not borrow clothes from, or loan clothes to other students.  Students who do not dress in the required uniform will receive a suit cut and may not be allowed to participate in class activities. 

*** If there are special circumstances regarding appropriate clothing, the student and parent must notify the teacher immediately.

Procedures for Borrowing Loaner P.E. Clothes

The purpose of the loan program is to provide temporary assistance to students who have lost or forgotten their P.E. clothes.  Loaner clothing is washed by the school staff.  The following rules apply:

  • The student must go to the northeast window on the outside of the gym (locker room attendant’s office) before the tardy bell.  No clothes will be issued after the tardy bell.
  • The student must turn in a valid student I.D. card to borrow clothes.  A student who has misplaced his/her I.D. must purchase a new one from the student store.
  • The student must state his/her teacher’s name and turn in his/her I.D.  The I.D. card will be returned when the clothes are turned in at the end of the period.
  • Loans are for one day only.  Loans are recorded by date and teachers will be informed of use.  
  • Students are allowed loaners three times a quarter.
  • Long-term loan clothing is available for students with special circumstances.  The student must inform his/her teacher.

Policies Concerning Non-Suits Each Semester

Habitual non-suits are considered a discipline problem and are disruptive to the educational process.  A student is considered defiant if he/she chooses “not” to dress.  P.E. loaners are available and should prevent non-suits from occurring.

If a student transfers from one teacher to another, all details of his/her grade will transfer, including his/her non-suits as part of their final grade.

Tardiness and Truancy

Teachers will enforce the tardy and truancy rules described in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Those who arrive after the bell will be considered tardy for class and not allowed into the locker room.  The locker room doors will be closed and locked after the tardy bell and students will not be allowed to enter the locker rooms during class for any reason.

After the tardy bell rings, the students will have 5 minutes to dress out and report to their roll call numbers.

Physical Education Lockers

  • Small Physical Education lockers are to be used for P.E. clothing.  Food, books, valuables, glass containers, and other property must not be stored in those lockers during the school day or over night.
  • A large locker will be available to each student to be used only during his/her P.E. class.  If the student leaves a lock on the large locker after his/her P.E. class, the lock will be cut off 24 hours after a written notification is placed on the locker.
  • Upland Unified School District is not responsible for any property left or stored in lockers or in the locker rooms at any time.  It is understood that the students use the lockers at their own risk.
  • Students must provide their own locks.  Locks may be purchased at the Student Store or elsewhere.  Combination locks are recommended because keys are easily lost or forgotten.
  • Teachers and the locker room attendant will assign lockers.  Students should report damaged lockers to the locker room attendant or their teacher as soon as the damage is noticed.
  • Locks placed on unassigned lockers will be cut off 24 hours after a written notification is placed in the locker.
  • Students: Do not share your locker combination with anyone.  Double check your lock each time you close it to make sure it is securely fastened.  If your property is missing or you suspect theft, inform the locker room attendant and fill out theft report in the student store.  Do not leave any personal property unattended, unlocked, or unsecured.

Athletic Lockers

  • Athletic lockers will be assigned when the coach submits a roster to the locker room attendant.
  • Athletic lockers are for use only during the athlete’s season of sport.  All athletes must remove all property immediately when the season ends.  The lockers will be reissued to other teams and athletes immediately.
  • All Physical education locker procedures also apply for the athletic lockers.
  • Athletes who are dropped from a sport during the season or preseason, must remove all property from the lockers immediately.  Locks left on lockers will be cut off 24 hours after a written notification is placed in the locker.
  • Upland Unified school District is not responsible for any property left or stored in lockers or in the locker rooms.

Period 6 Adv. P.E.

This class is designed to meet the needs of the advanced physical education student athlete.  The goal is to help prepare the athlete for the level of physical conditioning needed to be successful in their sport.  This course will also help to support the athlete academically by having them miss their 6th period PE instead of an “academic” class when they have an athletic contest that requires an early excusal from school.
Physical fitness training & conditioning will be HEAVILY EMPHASIZED.

  • A student must be in P.E. uniform or designated attire and participate every day.
  • If a student quits a team, gets cut from a team, decides to not go out for a team, or becomes academically ineligible, that student will be dropped from 6th period Adv.  P.E. and placed into a regular P.E. class.  
  • A student may be dropped from Adv. P.E. due to citizenship/behavior issues and /or defiance.
  • Students will only remain in Adv. P.E. if their sport season falls within that semester. (i.e. Fall or Spring)

Out of Bounds

  • Students are not allowed to retrieve belongings out of the PE locker room during class time.
  • Students must remain in the P.E. area north of the service road during the entire period in which they have Physical Education.
  • At the end of the period, students have seven minutes to change clothes before the period ends.  They must remain north of the service road until the passing bell rings.

Physical Education Faculty Members

Richard Kim, Debbie Panattoni, Rueben Solorio, Heather Inglima, AJ Garbick, Tyler Shea

Locker Room Attendant: Ruth Wytcherley. 

Updated 2/17/2022