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Check your library account

Directions on how to check your library account (Textbooks and Circulation Books)

The following are directions for students to check to see what textbooks, library books, or fines are on the student's library account using Destiny Discover

Before returning books at the end of the year please confirm using Destiny Discover that...

  • the books the student has matches what is on the account
  • fines are taken care of by either returning old books or paying the fine in the student store

After returning books, please confirm that the books have left the account

Directions to Check Discover (library account)

Step one

Make sure you are logged into the student UUSD google account.

Discover will use google authentication to log into your library account

Google Login

Step two

While logged into your student UUSD account, go to Destiny Discover

Destiny Discover

Step Three

From Destiny Discover, Click "log in".

If the student is logged into the UUSD google account, clicking on the "sign in with Google" bar will pull up the student's account.

Step four

The Destiny Discover navigation bar has an option for “My Stuff”. There the student will be able to access important pieces of information, Checkouts and Fines.

  • Checkouts will show all currently checked out books that need to be returned

  • Fines will show if there are any library fines that need to be cleared (Example: late fines or damages)

My Stuff - Destiny Discover

Other important information

  • Consumables (books that you wrote in that do not have barcodes) do not need to be returned

  • After Memorial Day Weekend (When books are due) - Current "Checkouts" will move to "Fines" and Consumables will leave the account. 

  • All late fines can be cleared by returning the textbook without damage

Library Checkout and Fine Procedures


  • You are responsible for the book with the barcode checked out to you.

  • Returning the barcode of another student will not clear your account so DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TEXTBOOK IN THE CLASSROOM

  • If there is damage to the book, it will be assessed when the book is reshelved not returned.

  • If you see damage that you did not cause, you must alert the library within a month of checkout (This was explained more in the handout that was with the books at registration or when the books were checked-out)


Damage fines can vary in cost up to the complete replacement cost. 
Fines include but are not limited to:

  • Losing a book (even if you turn in someone else’s book)

  • Giving book to another person (including a teacher) or leaving it in class.

  • Binding. Broken along the inside, coming apart, or loose.

  • Pages falling out, missing, or torn.

  • Sticky and stained covers and pages.

  • Graffiti or writing.

  • Excessive post-its requiring removal

  • Edges sides of book torn or exposed cardboard

  • Wet books where pages are warped and/or mildewed (Don’t press flowers)

  • Other unreasonable damages not listed but affect the life of the textbook

How to Clear Fines

  1. Return a book that is marked late without damage
  2. Pay the fine either at the student store or the online student store (Bring receipt to the library)
  3. Discuss any other options with the library

Fines can be paid online through the Online Student Store

Online Student Store

  • You will need to be logged into your  Online Student Store account to be able to pay a library fine using the Online Student Store.
  • Directions on how to create an account are detailed on the student store under "Account Set-up"
  • There are student and parent accounts available and both can pay for a fine
  • Library Fines will be available under UPLAND HIGH SCHOOL > FINES > Library/Text Book: Lost or Damaged
  • You will have to enter the amount of the fine that you would like cleared. (Amount found through "My Stuff" on Destiny Discover
Online Student Store Account Creation


If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your library account, the library staff


  • Contact library staff with specifics (paid fine, lost book, etc)

  • Pay the fine through the online student store and let the library staff the online student store has the payment and/or bring the receipt to the library

  • Track down the book(s) with the matching barcode(s) and return them

Still have questions?

Contact library staff with specifics (paid fine, lost book, etc)