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GALE Resources





Do you have a research assignment and need to find reliable resources?

Gale: In Context- High School has what you need.

Do you have a research assignment and need contextual information and opinions on hundreds of today's hottest social issues?

Gale: Opposing viewpoints has what you need.

  • Search the extensive databases and let Gale collect reliable resources in one easy to navigate page.

  • Your search will find online reference materials, biographies, images, primary sources, plot summaries, pictures, videos, audio files, magazines, academic journals, critical essays, other creative works, and even peer reviewed websites.

  • Have confidence that all results are reliable and trustworthy and create the bibliography to prove it.

  • Log in to your UHS Google Apps account through Gale: Student Resources in Context and save the materials, create bibliographies, and save your highlights and notes to your Google Drive with one click in Gale. 

  • Connect with EasyBib to create strong, reliable, MLA formatted bibliographies.

  • Find resources that Google and Wikipedia can't give you for free.

  • Use and develop the 21st century skills that you will need to use in college.

Select the icon below and speak to your teacher or librarian about the password. 

In Context - High School

Opposing Viewpoints


Gale: eBooks is where UHS library's Research Ebooks are located. As many of the research titles and topics are updated at UHS, students have found more power in having these types of titles in ebooks rather than traditional print. All books in the platform are real books that have paperbound counterparts.

The power of the Ebooks when it comes to research lies in that students do not need to check them out. They are available to students at home and available to multiple students at a time. The Ebooks are also using the same platform as the academic databases do so all of the tools available through GALE are available with the ebooks.

  • Easy conversion to GoogleDocs being saved in the students Drive
  • The notes feature that also converts to a GoogleDoc in the student's Drive
  • Integration with Easybib for quick and complete Citations
  • Ebooks are searchable off of every word within the book rather than the just the topics designated by the publisher

Gale: eBooks