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Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Upland High School Library is to empower students to develop as critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information by providing a technological and globally relevant center of learning to students and other staff invested in the education and preparation of students for a changing society.

What the UHS library provides to staff and student as part of the mission statement:

  • The UHS Library is committed to providing open access to information to empower students
    • The UHS Library provides two academic databases that is curated to be relevant and current on educational topics
    • The UHS Library provides a multi-user non-fiction eBook platform with a focus on research materials with new purchases every year.
    • The UHS Library takes advantage of the California State Library to bring more educational references to students and staff
    • The UHS Library works with district IT to ensure safety of students online while working to ensure that access to information is not infringed upon
    • The UHS Librarian teaches modules both as Freshmen orientation as well as throughout the year in classes that include topics such as effective research, global digital citizenship, and evaluation of sources
  • The UHS Library is committed to promoting literacy and enthusiastic readers
    • The UHS Library is currently in a multi-year evaluation of resources to ensure relevant and current materials (2019-2021).
    • The UHS library is committed to using funds to increase current, reviewed, and popular fiction and non-fiction every year.
    • The UHS library works with other sites, the public library, and book stores to bring YA authors to speak to the students on literacy.
    • The UHS library runs a book club in partnership with the Upland Public Library that provides monthly books for club members.
    • Yearly purchases for literacy include:
      • At least eight new books in different categories of traditional paper books on a monthly basis.
      • Expanding the eBook platform for fiction titles
      • A partnership with the Upland Public Library allows student access to their YA digital collection which translates to tens of thousands of age appropriate titles
  • The UHS Library is the hub of learning for all staff and students both technologically and globally
    • The UHS library is staffed by a credentialed teacher librarian and a library tech
    • The UHS library has 38 Google OS machines available to students and staff and four windows machines with programs to support CTE classes
    • The UHS Library is open before school, lunch, and for at least two hours after school for students and staff. 
    • The UHS Library is open during class time providing alternative academic support for teachers and students
    • The vision of the UHS library with the extra hours to to provide a safe, clean, welcoming place that emphasizes learning as a school community.
    • The UHS Library runs an after school Homework Club where students can get tutoring or help on their homework from credentialed teachers and paid peer tutors for no cost to the student.
    • The UHS Librarian in addition to teaching classes on subjects related, runs makerspaces that prepare students for college/career as well as encourage a global perspective
      • The UHS Library runs Google Expeditions that include college trips and 3D access to global experiences otherwise not possible
      • The UHS Library is one of the educational technology help centers where teachers, students, and entire classes can learn about current technological resources and how they can enhance learning to expand beyond the classroom